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Syndicated Nonfiction Essays

What I’ve Learned from Having Lots of Great Sex – ESME

Safety Nets: On Seeing Movies with My Children – The Rumpus

Arrival: A Metaphor for Our Polemic Times – The Rumpus

I Earn More Than the Men I Date. I Don’t Care. But They Do – The Washington Post

I’m a Feminist Who’s Attracted to ‘Manly Men’ – The Washington Post

I Have a lot of Baggage. How Much Do I Unload on a First Date? – The Washington Post

Here’s How I Deal with Trump Supporters in Online Dating – The Washington Post

I was Catfished on Tinder but it was Worth It – The Washington Post

Revisiting My Forgotten Lover: New York City a Lifetime Later – Club Mid

The 50/50 Life of Divorce – Scary Mommy

How I Manage to Love an Ex-Husband Who Hates Me – Scary Mommy

His Hands: Love and Loss After Divorce – The Huffington Post

When  Newly Divorced Mom Goes to Vegas – The Huffington Post

Crazy Train: One Woman’s Story about Amy Schumer, Pluto & Catfishing– Stackedd Magazine

Can I Wholeheartedly Be Connected to Someone without Monogomy? – Role/ Reboot


Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions

Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Mom Stories from the Trenches: A Second Edition Monkey Star Press Anthology

The HerStories Project: Women Explore the Joy, Pain, and Power of Female Friendship


An Unknown and Specific Direction– Poydras Review


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